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Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!
Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!

The Whale Shark Sticker

$3.50 NZD

The Whale Shark holds many records for size in the ocean. It is the largest known species of fish and, contrary to its name, is not actually a whale. It is however a filter-feeder like some whales, sustaining its huge size on a diet of plankton.

One of the best places to dive with Whale Sharks is the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef of Western Australia with various dive operators offering you the chance to swim with Whale Sharks and Humpback Whales from their bases in Exmouth. It must be a breathtaking and unforgettable experience to share the ocean with a Whale Shark. It is probably nearly as good as our Whale Shark Sticker - which you can enjoy without even getting wet!


  • Sticker Size: 30 mm x 95 mm
  • Material: Thick, Premium Vinyl
  • This sticker is waterproof, scratch-proof, and weatherproof!