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Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!
Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!

The French Flag

$8.50 NZD

Our French Flag sticker is made of premium glitter vinyl and will look AWESOME on your laptop, wall or even your mirror. This European Flag is a symbol of the French nation and is the official flag of France. It is as French as the Marseillaise and Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité and you won't need a flagpole to show it off!

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  • Size: 100 mm x 70 mm (4 in x 2.75 in)
  • Material: Premium Glitter Vinyl
  • This sticker is waterproof and dishwasher safe

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The French Flag is known in French as the "tricolore" (le tricolore) because it features the three vertical stripes of blue, white and red (bleu, blanc, rouge in French). In the French Revolution, the Paris militia wore a cockade (a kind of rosette) in the colours of blue and red, which were the traditional colours of Paris. The blue and red cockade was presented to King Louis XVI on 17 July 1789. The France flag is not to be confused with the Dutch flag, which has similar colours but in a horizontal rather than the vertical arrangement on France's flag.

During the early Middle Ages, France used the flag of Saint-Denis, the Oriflamme as its national emblem. This was red with two, three or five spikes. It was stored in Saint-Denis abbey, where it was taken when war broke out. French kings went forth into battle preceded either by Saint Martin's red cape, which was supposed to protect the monarch, or by the red banner of Saint Denis. Another variant of the French national flag over the ages has been a white cross on a blue background, a format which appears to this day on derivations such as the flags of the country of Martinique and Quebec. During the course of French history, the French flag was previously a plain white flag and the French troops fighting in the American Revolutionary War fought under the white flag. The French monarchy also adopted the Fleur-de-lis for its royal coat of arms, possibly as a symbol of purity to acknowledge the conversion of Clovis I, and a reminder of the Fleur-de-lis ampulla that held the oil used to anoint the king.

During the French revolution, the tricolor flag was adopted as the official national flag after the storming of the Bastille. The previous white flag quickly became a symbol of French royalists during the Bourbon dynasty. The royal white flag was used by the Bourbon family from 1815 to 1830 but the tricolour flag was restored after the end of the Bourbon monarchy. The tricolore flag comes to the fore every July on Bastille Day when the country celebrates its revolution.