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Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!
Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!

The Kea Sticker

$3.50 NZD

Unrelated to the Mauna Kea volcano of Hawaii, Kea are rough little birds. They will literally eat the fat off a sheep's back while the sheep is walking around a paddock. They probably did the same to the moa. And "Oh, look at me! I'm so cute as I cause property damage to your vehicle that you have lawfully parked in a South Island car park." Let's face it, if the Kea was a person and not an alpine parrot, it would be on home detention.

Perfect for boats, kayaks, tackle boxes, coolers, trucks, phone cases, laptops, journals, guitars, refrigerators, windows, walls, skateboards, cars, bumpers, helmets, water bottles, hydro flasks, computers, or wherever you feel the need to express yourself!


  • Sticker Size: 76 mm x 63 mm
  • Material: Thick, Premium Vinyl
  • This sticker is waterproof, scratch-proof, and weatherproof!