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Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!
Free Shipping in NZ and Aus with Every Order $25+!

The Crayfish Sticker

$3.50 NZD

Definitely not a fish. Does look pretty cray though.  These red lobsters are delicious crustaceans. A strange thing about them is that when you pull the meat out of a leg or claw of one of these things, the meat exactly matches all of the spikes on the outer shell bit. Weird. But probably a lot healthier than eating those crabstick seafood things that you can get from the supermarket. Another important fact is that you aren't allowed to boil them any more, they have to be frozen instead. This is due to the fact that they don't have a central nervous system. They go by the name of "crawdad" in the USA, which has got to be the strangest name ever.

Perfect for boats, kayaks, tackle boxes, coolers, trucks, phone cases, laptops, journals, guitars, refrigerators, windows, walls, skateboards, cars, bumpers, helmets, water bottles, hydro flasks, computers, or wherever you feel the need to express yourself!


  • Sticker Size: 76 mm x 62 mm
  • Material: Thick, Premium Vinyl
  • This sticker is waterproof, scratch-proof, and weatherproof!